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Prove yourself against the toughest challengers in the ultimate Virtua Fighter experience!


The legendary fighting series returns with Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown!

Challenge the greatest fighters in the world in the ultimate remaster of the classic 3D fighter, now featuring gorgeous HD graphics, new online features, and all the bone-crunching, martial arts combat of the renowned original. Master your fighting style to defeat all challengers in the Fifth World Fighting Tournament and become a Virtua Fighter legend!

Game Screenshot The Full Experience
Experience the pinnacle of the Virtua Fighter experience as you play your favorite classic modes like “Ranked Match”, “Arcade”, “Training”, and “Versus”.
Game Screenshot Crush the Competition
Take on all challengers as you compete with up to 16 players in new online modes including “Tournaments” and “League.”
Game Screenshot The Ultimate Remaster
Play classic VF5 in glorious HD with updated character models, stages, and cinematics.



Although Akira has fewer moves than other characters, he has a wide range of high performance moves, especially single-hit moves. Many of his moves are executed while taking a large step, making it easy to attack from a distance, and using them in combination with moves that break standing guard to shake the opponent is simple but powerful. His combo damage is also high, so if you can continue reading your opponent's moves, you can decide the match in no time. He is a dynamic character who can overwhelm opponents with a powerful offense if you can master it.


Pai is a well-balanced character with a wide array of high performance striking moves, focused on high and low targeting techniques. Although she doesn't have many big flashy moves, her specialty is in technique execution and leaving little vulnerabilities after an attack, making her ideal for quick offense. Even in a disadvantageous situation, she is equipped with plenty of options, such as stances or combos with her Bokutai technique that makes it easy to evade her opponent's moves, or reversals that allow her to catch and return her opponent's moves. Use these techniques to fight at your own pace, and once you have your opponent cornered against the wall, unleash a combo for massive damage to decide the match.


Lau has a wide variety of high and mid consecutive hit attacks, as well as powerful moves that can be transitioned into and derived from the Kokei form, allowing him to overwhelm his opponents with a large number of rush attacks. He also has a variety of moves that can be used to start combos, including moves with long reach and moves that are advantageous even if blocked. This allows him to pressure his opponents with striking moves not only at close range, but also at medium range. If the opponent frequently does a Standing Guard, try to inflict damange by starting a combo that breaks their their upper guard.


Wolf is a character who fights with dynamic Pro-Wrestling techniques. The throwing techniques synonymous to this fighting style not only deal high damage, but can also be derived from successful striking techniques, or grabs that are slow in onset but can be used to catch the beginning of an opponent's striking technique. He only knows a few types of striking techniques, but each one is powerful and full of impact. He also knows moves that allow him to grab his opponent's strikes, so if you can master them, you'll be able to put on a fight like a true professional wrestler.


Jeffry is a power-type character who focuses on fierce striking techniques. The strikes he unleashes from his massive build have excellent reach and power, and many of them can be used to start combos. Once you hit a combo-starting move, even a simple one can take away a lot of health from your opponent. The Threat Stance is a unique stance that can be used to shake an opponent's guard by using its derivative moves. You'll want to mix up your attacks from the Threat Stance with powerful strikes to put pressure on your opponent.


Kage has two different stances: the defensive Hagakure-ryu You Jumoji Kamae and the offensive Hagakure-ryu In Shippujin. He is a character who excels at attacking with a large number of moves by combining his stance with striking techniques that leave few openings. He also has a variety of moves that can be used while his back is turned to the opponent, and some moves that can be used to transition into a stance while his back is turned, allowing him to create tricky attacks. In addition, the Hagakure-ryu You Ko'enraku is a powerful throwing technique that keeps the opponent in mid-air and allows chaining together a combo. The key is making your opponent aware of your striking techniques as you go in for the hit.


Sarah has a variety of kicking techniques, including high, mid, and low hitting moves, spinning attacks, and compact to large techniques, and is unrivaled in strength in close combat. She can switch to a Flamingo stance from the variety of kicking techniques, as well as a wide variety of derivative moves from the Flamingo, including quick initiation moves, mid and low hitting techniques. If you can use them well, you can inflict damage while keeping your opponent in check. Her combos are also powerful, so you can use combo-starting moves to turn the tables on your opponent.


Jacky is easy to use and relatively free of quirks, with a lineup of orthodox techniques ranging from basic small moves to combo starters. Many of the moves are derived from a combination of high, mid, and low hitting sequences, especially the mid-hitting moves, so even if the first move is blocked, you can still force your way in for the damage. Although the timing of the Flash Sword Kick is difficult to input, if successful, it can be an attack that leaves very few openings. This technique can be a very effective attack that can be used as an offensive option as well as a combo, making the character even more powerful when mastered.


Shun is a drunken kung-fu user who plays with his opponent by moving as if he were drunk. There is a "drink count" system in which the higher this count, the higher the attack power and the more techniques he can use. The number of drinks he has increases when he uses or hits certain techniques, so it is important to master them. There is also a wide variety of stances to choose from, such as the Tentouritsu handstand stance and the Oushin lying down stance. Use the variety of tricky stances to play around with your opponent and increase his drinks, then use powerful moves to break down your opponent when your drink count increases.


A speedy fighter who mainly uses striking techniques. He not only has quick moves for close to mid-range, but also moves that allow him to attack while stepping in, making it easy for him to attack at any distance. In addition, he has a variety of low-hitting moves and spinning attacks, as well as powerful stance-derived moves that can break the opponent's high guard, making it easy for him to confuse his opponent once he goes on the offensive. His attack power is low and he lacks combo-starting moves, but if you can use a variety of his techniques to increase your offensive and defensive options, you will easily be fighting at your own pace.


Sundome is a technique unique to Aoi where if you press G after executing a certain move, you can halt it before the attack. You can confuse your opponent by using the timing of her moves in combination with using or not using Sundome. In addition, her reversals and deflect techniques give her many options even in a disadvantageous situation. In particular, her Tenchi In'you deflect can be used to transition from certain striking techniques, making it easy to block the opponent's counterattack. If the opponent is hesitant to counterattack, you can go in for a strong throw.


Lei-Fei has seven different stances and uses a variety of attacks to toss the opponent around. In addition to being able to perform different moves while in a stance, the stances themselves vary in performance, such as going into a low stance or automatically returning an opponent's punch attack. While mid and low hitting moves from his stance can be easily shut down by the opponent's counterattacks, there are plenty of evasive and deflecting moves that can be used to dissipate the counterattacks. The key is to understand the performance of the stance and the techniques that can be used to transition into the stance, and to use them appropriately.


Vanessa is a technical character who fights by switching between two different styles. Each style has a completely different set of moves, so it can be said that she is a two-in-one character. The Defensive Style has a lot of options even in a disadvantageous situation, as it has deflect moves and attacks that can be executed very quickly. On the other hand, the Offensive Style has relatively standard techniques with superior offensive capabilities. Use the different styles depending on the opponent and situation to gain the upper hand in the fight.


Brad is a striking type character with standard and high performance striking techniques, mainly targeting the high and mid section of the opponent. He also has a variety of rotation attacks and continuous attacks, including mid-hitting techniques, making it easy for him to dominate in the attack and defense of striking moves. He also has a number of moves that can be transitioned into special techniques, such as ducking, which can be used to continuously attack. He only has a few moves that are effective in disadvantageous situations, but if you can hit your strikes carefully and use your special moves to rush in when you have the chance, you should be able to overwhelm your opponent.


Goh's striking moves are generally slow and lack sequences, but there is no shortage of ways to break down an opponent's defenses, which includes many techniques that can deal large amounts of damage when they connect, including combos, as well as rotation attacks and high-hitting moves that can be derived into throwing moves when guarded. In addition, he is the only character in the game that has a counterattack to an opponent's throw, and he is also equipped with deflect moves, giving him plenty of options when on the defensive. This is a character for the experts, as it is important to be able to take away as much health as possible when you can read your opponent.


Eileen can overwhelm others with her speed and the number of moves she can perform. The most notable feature is her Interrupt and Cancel actions that can be performed in the middle of a move. This can be executed from a variety of positions, so it's no exaggeration to say that just knowing this can make a world of difference in the range of your attacks. Although the damage of each attack is not high, the key is to use the Cancel action to put pressure on the opponent, then to aim for moves that induce stagger when guarded, or moves that start combos by counter-hitting.

El Blaze

The luchador El Blaze has dynamic throwing techniques with incredible, acrobatic mobility. His basic moves don't have much reach, but he has plenty of surprise attacks when in mid-range. At close range, the key is to keep up the offensive by mixing in Rocket Discharges derived from striking moves. If you can master this, you can boldly go in for a throw without worrying about disadvantages. The damage of his throws is generally high, and can be performed from a variety of situations, including hit throws. The important thing is to be able to keep the advantage by controlling the pace.


Taka-Arashi is the heaviest of all the characters. Unlike the others, he does not bounce when he is downed. He doesn't have many full-rotation moves, but his powerful strikes and high-powered throws can easily take away his opponent's health. The closer he is to the opponent, the more damage he can deal with his Mageryu and Higumazume. With Tachi'ai, his special move, the main attacks to focus on are the Nekodamashi that can break high guards and the mid-hitting Tachi'ai Buchikamashi.


Jean can perform charged attacks from various positions. His main attack and defense comes after having his maximum charged attacks guarded, while attacking in a monotonous manner will have himself read by his opponent for a counterattack. You can make it harder for your opponent to read your moves by weaving in derivative moves during the charging phase, so use them to your advantage. He has a repertoire of other basic moves, including combo starters, which are easy to use. Although he lacks any powerful throwing moves, he can compensate for that with his Shichiyou Tenrengeki, a series of attacks that can break an opponent's standing guard. Do your best to master it.


*Dural is not a playable character in this game.


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